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Self-Sustaining Marketing

As a marketing coordinator at Sebo Marketing, I have seen hundreds of successful marketing campaigns. I have also seen hundreds of marketing campaigns fail, and usually it’s due to a poor marketing budget. I have witnessed countless companies spend a good deal of money on marketing, see no results, run out of funds and eventually walk away empty handed.

To help good people with good businesses avoid wasted advertising dollars, I’ve created a system that helps businesses achieve a self-sustaining marketing model that will help grow brand awareness.

A successful campaign has the following 3 characteristics:

It is consistent.

It is self-sustainable.

It is profitable.

Click below to download my personal description of a simple concept that I have come to call the “Self-Sustaining Marketing Budget.” I guarantee that by downloading the free PDF, that you can gain some insight or guidance in how to make your business and marketing efforts more consistent, self-sustainable and profitable.

Bon appetit.

Dallan Wortham is a Marketing Coordinator at Sebo Marketing. Learn more about Dallan by visiting his bio page.

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